Dream a Dream and Keep Pushing the Red Button.


Most dreams require consistent, persistent action, but we often get impatient when we believe that the results aren’t coming fast enough. Then we are tempted to stop doing the actions altogether because we figure it isn’t working anyway.  I want to encourage you to keep taking action towards your goals. It takes consistent, persistent action over time to achieve anything.

I once heard a story about a monkey at a zoo who would get a banana from a machine every time he pushed a red button. The banana would fall into his bucket when he pressed the red button. He would grab it and run off merrily with his favorite food in hand.

One day, the machine got stuck and though there were bananas in there, nothing happened when the monkey pressed the red button. This went on for days. No one realized that the machine was broken.  The poor monkey tried, day after day, pressing the button as he had grown accustomed to pressing, but unfortunately, no bananas fell out.

After a while, the monkey stopped pushing the red button.

Not long after, the monkey’s caregiver noticed the rotting fruit in the machine and upon inspection realized that the machine was broken.  He worked on it that day until he got it working again and he replaced the old fruit with fresh bananas.

Guess what though? The monkey wasn’t pushing the red button anymore and the fruit spoiled again. This time, the fruit spoiled not because the machine was broken, or because the bananas were inaccessible, but simply because the monkey had given up.

Hey, friends, don’t be a monkey. Keep pushing the red button.

A few years ago, I decided to work with a trainer at the gym to get in shape for my 35th birthday.  Immediately the weight started coming off, and I could see results. It was easy to go to the gym and stick to the routine because I could tell it was working.  Then, suddenly, it wasn’t.  I was still going to the gym, still working out but the weight wasn’t coming off.  I was very tempted to stop, but my trainer explained to me that I had hit a plateau, also known as a flat spot.  She encouraged me to maintain my schedule and encouraged me to even consider adding another workout to my routine. She promised I would burst through my plateau with continued, focused, serious action.  I couldn’t see it. I felt like I was wasting my time but I decided to trust her.  Guess what? My trainer was right.  Soon the weight was falling off again and I was able to achieve my goal to rock my 35th birthday dinner.

Keep doing what you know works, even if you’re not getting the results you want or it looks like nothing’s happening.  Every one goes through flat spots. The key is not to give up on doing the actions that got you the results in the first place.

Keep being consistent. Keep showing up. Keep taking steps towards your goal and you will achieve it.

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