Dream a Dream and Take Action

Do you have a dream that you’re expecting to come to pass?

Do you dream of a new house? A new job? Financial freedom? It’s important to hold fast to your dream; to never give up on your dream. I wrote about that in my last blog post below.  You know, it’s also just as important to take specific steps that will lead you to success.

Too often we fall into the trap of waiting for our dreams to come to past without actually doing anything to help our dreams come to pass.

A friend once said having a dream and a vision is a great first step, but if you want to see the manifestation of those dreams and visions, you’re going to have to work for it. It isn’t going to happen by osmosis. I chuckled when she said it, but it struck home as truth!

What do you have in your hand?

God expects us to do what we can, and allow Him to do the impossible.

Many times we give our dreams  to God in prayer, and then we do nothing else. We don’t do what we can to ensure that we’re working towards those dreams.  Yes, we’re supposed to believe God for our dreams to come through and not grow weary in waiting for the manifestation of our dreams.  But we have to make sure that while we’re waiting on God, we’re waiting well.

My friend Miranda had an idea of the dream job she wanted. She knew that her current job wasn’t it. She could see herself in a completely different field, working in a completely different industry. Yet, Miranda hadn’t put her resume together. She hadn’t taken the time to attend a few networking events where she just might meet someone currently at the company she had her eye on. In fact, Miranda wasn’t even checking the company’s website regularly for openings that she might be qualified for.

Yes, God can open a door for us, but we have to be in position to walk through it.

I told Miranda what I’m telling you here now.  God can do the impossible of getting her a position in that company, but she had to do her part as well. A door was going to open for her, but she had to be ready to walk through it.   I encouraged Miranda to put her resume together. I encouraged her to work with a mutual friend of ours who had experience in HR to make sure that her resume highlighted her skills, and what she was uniquely capable of.

I encouraged Miranda to keep an eye out and an ear open for social nights or networking events around town that she could attend. We went shopping and picked out two new outfits that she designated solely as her networking outfits. These were always in her closet and ready to go should the opportunity arise.

Finally, Miranda and I compared her skill set to her dream job description, and we came up with a personal development plan that would lead to her being experienced in all areas of the position.  When the opportunity presented itself, and we were positive that it would, she would be able to walk into the interview knowing that she was more than suitably qualified for the position.

Taking Action is key

Our God is a good God. We can believe God to do the impossible things that we cannot do, like causing the right job opening to occur just as we’re ready to make a career move. But certainly, we have to do our part and take some action.

I’ve heard it stated like this: desire without action leads you no where.

It’s great to have desires, dreams and visions, but we must also have the discipline to put an action plan together and work that plan!

Make a commitment to yourself to put an action plan together around the dreams and visions that you have for your life.  It’s a decision you’ll never regret.




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